Reviresco: "To Renew/To Grow Green Again" (Harper-Collins Latin Dictionary)

Reviresco, as the name says, is in business to renew waste: to make it useful again.

The practice of throwing waste into pits in the ground, or in lakes and oceans, is as old as civilization itself. In fact, modern archeology and anthropology have turned to landfill “mining” to learn about the ways and means of ancient populations and societies.

We haven’t come very far.

Waste in America says a great deal about our civilization.
  • It says we are prosperous because we can afford to throw so much away;
  • It says we are inventive because we have new and better devices constantly replacing the old (which we throw away);
  • It says we are industrious because we are able to discard used processed materials and replace them with materials that are newly mined and converted for our use.
At some point it will make more sense to consider waste a resource rather than a nuisance.

The Reviresco mandate is to bring that point to the present with proven innovative methods to renew the old and to create value out of that which is otherwise wasted.