We Are Wasting Our Waste

Did you know that:
  •  each year the average American creates about 1.25 tons of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)?
  • in total we create almost 400,000,000 tons of  MSW each year?
  • nearly 70% of all MSW in the United States ends up in landfill?

You Might Also Be Interested To Know That

  • One ton of properly processed MSW has more energy value than a barrel of oil.
  • It also contains more than 150 pounds of recyclable metal.
  • And it has plastic, paper and glass--all recyclable if properly separated and processed.
  • And after all the recyclables have been removed,  you could be using it to power your home.

So Why Do We Throw It Away?
Creating Value From Waste is What Reviresco is All About

    New Fuel--From Garbage!!

    The material shown here was made from actual "black bag" garbage processed  to make a valuable fuel. Laboratory tests determined that the net calorific value of the fuel was more than 8,000 BTU per pound. One ton of this fuel, which can be made from less than 2.5 tons of Municipal Solid Waste, can contain 16,000,000 BTU, equal to 2.75 barrels of crude oil.
    The fuel can be burned on its own or with coal or natural gas to produce heat and electricity.