Reviresco Has a Plan

Waste: Use it--Don't lose it!!

As you can see, there are three perspectives that will change our perspectives regarding waste in the future:
  • There is a financial incentive to process and recycle waste;
  • There is a political incentive to process and recycle waste;
  • There is a renewable energy opportunity in  processing and recycling waste.

The Reviresco Plan Makes it Happen

Reviresco has the technology to make waste processing and recycling possible, economically viable and, best of all, available now.

Developed as a unique arrangement of mechanical processes, combined with a very efficient recapture of energy utilized and generated in the operation of the system, unsorted black-bag MSW is ground, separated, sorted and dehydrated into reusable  raw materials and valuable fuel.

The Reviresco technology is proven and affordable.

It can be deployed in municipal areas where other waste-to-energy technologies are too big and too expensive.

It can come to your city or town--TODAY.